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Adobe Muse Free Theme Demo »
Personal Resume Examples Demo »
Adobe Muse Landing Theme Demo »
One Page Muse Template Demo »
Adobe Muse Premium Theme Demo »
Flat Muse Website Template Demo »
One Page Template Demo »
Adobe Muse Flat Design Demo »
Muse Website Templates Demo »
Adobe Muse Landing Page Demo »
Muse Business Template Demo »
Muse NonProfit Theme Demo »
Muse Theme Template Demo »
Muse Free Web Theme Demo »
Adobe Muse Online Store Demo »
Free Muse Theme Demo »
Adobe Muse Free Template Demo »
Free Adobe Muse Template Demo »
Adobe Muse Blog Theme Demo »
Muse Landing Page Demo »
Adobe Muse Template Demo »
Clean Web Design Demo »
Car Template Demo »
Muse Web Design Demo »
Travel Web Design Demo »
Landing Page Template Demo »
Best Landing Pages Demo »
Free Website Design Demo »
Parallax Web Design Demo »
Fashion Template Demo »
Beauty Muse Theme Demo »
One Page Template Demo »
Muse One Page Demo »
Musgreen Theme Demo »
Ultimate Business Demo »
Soul Demo »
Landpage Demo »
Amiro Store Demo »
Widgets: Animations
Bouncing Title Demo »
Gradient Cursor Trailer Demo »
Ripple Animation Demo »
Scroll Icon Animation Demo »
Random Text Demo »
Background Points Demo »
The Deep Blue Waves Demo »
Counter-Up Demo »
Jumping Letters Demo »
Do The Math Demo »
Flash Background Demo »
Slices Demo »
Mouse Snake Demo »
Jumping Stars Animation Demo »
Bounce Arrow Demo »
Twinkling Night Demo »
Text Flash Demo »
Easy Text Demo »
Blow Bubbles Demo »
Squares Tornado Demo »
Hover Blocks Demo »
Animated Background Demo »
Color Cycle Demo »
Bouncing Text Demo »
Floating Triangles Demo »
Double Ring Demo »
Countdown Timer Demo »
Text Effect Demo »
Hover Highlight Demo »
Donut Charts Demo »
Hoverover Demo »
Animate Text Up & FadeIn Demo »
Animated Shadow Demo »
Metafizzy Demo »
Animated Text Fill Demo »
Fade In Demo »
Colored Circles Demo »
Piano Hover Effect Demo »
3D Rotate Demo »
Crossfade Demo »
Cube Flip Demo »
Smoky Text Demo »
Animated Ribbon Demo »
Disco Lights Demo »
Mouse Scroll Animation Demo »
Flat Shadow Demo »
Cursor Balls Demo »
Raining Pumpkins Demo »
Colorful Text Animation Demo »
Stress Demo »
Mathematical Demo »
Simple Mouse Scroll Demo »
Let It Snow Demo »
Snow Time Demo »
Widgets: Backgrounds
Starfield Demo »
Rainbow Lines Demo »
Sound Waves Demo »
Infinite Background Demo »
Cosmos Parallax Demo »
Particles Grid Demo »
Fireworks Demo »
Calming Gradient Demo »
3D Text Background Demo »
Blinking Background Demo »
Full-Screen Images from Unsplash Demo »
Sliding Diagonals Effect Demo »
Animated Particles v2 Demo »
Animated Gradient Demo »
Rainbow Demo »
Floating Squares Demo »
Particles in Space Demo »
Colorful Lines Demo »
Color Drops Demo »
Random Chars Demo »
Fire Rain Demo »
Matrix Falling Code Demo »
Shapes Background Demo »
Falling Hours Demo »
Lines Animation Demo »
Easy Parallax Demo »
Points Wave Demo »
Stars Demo »
Color Animation Demo »
Background Animation Demo »
Organic Lines Demo »
Muse Rain Demo »
Widgets: Typography
Particles Confetti Effects Demo »
Particles Bubbles Effects Demo »
Particles Lines Effects Demo »
Particles Fires Effects Demo »
Particles Sunbeams Effects Demo »
Particles Hearts Effects Demo »
Pretty Shadow Demo »
Full Width Headline Demo »
Gradient Text Demo »
Animate Text Image Fill Demo »
Glitch Text Demo »
Text Hover Effect Demo »
Text Mask Demo »
Make Me Dance Demo »
Hover Rotate CSS Demo »
Inset Shadow Demo »
Deep Shadow Demo »
Cursor Shadows Demo »
Elegant Shadow Demo »
Font Weight Animation Demo »
Retro Shadow Demo »
Happy Text Demo »
Dark Shadow Demo »
Shadow With Stroke Demo »
CSS3 Shadow Demo »
Candy Cane Text Demo »
Color Separation Demo »
Widgets: Buttons
Jelly Button Demo »
Button Hover Lines Demo »
Button Pointer Demo »
Hovbutton Demo »
Animated Backgrounds Demo »
Button Hover State Demo »
Button Hover Effects Demo »
Button Hover Demo »
Button Drop Shadow Demo »
Outline Hover Effect Demo »
6 Buttons Transactions Demo »
Responsive Button Hover Demo »
Buttons Have Feelings Demo »
Widgets: Navigation
Hover Frame Demo »
Side Button Demo »
Full Page Navigation Demo »
Circle Hover Demo »
Hover Dots Demo »
Double Line Demo »
Smooth Hover Demo »
Flying Link Demo »
Marker Line Demo »
Vanilla Menu Demo »
SVG Gooey Hover Menu Demo »
Menu Concept Demo »
Gooey Menu v.1 Demo »
Gooey Menu v.2 Demo »
Gooey Menu v.3 Demo »
Link Effect Demo »
Gooey Menu v.4 Demo »
3D Link Effect Demo »
Button Line Demo »
Navigation Effect Demo »
Hover Line Demo »
Angle Nav Demo »
Double Hover Line Demo »
Widgets: Snippets
Skewed Captions Demo »
Projects Showcases Demo »
Title Hover Demo »
Parallax Title Demo »
Image Plus Hover Demo »
Overlay Hover Effect v2 Demo »
Background Snippet Demo »
Widgets: Forms
Flat Responsive Form Demo »
Web Form Demo »
Adobe Muse Form Demo »
Contact Form Demo »
Simple Form Demo »
Flat Web Form Design Demo »
Modern Contact Form Demo »
Contact Form Blackboard Demo »
Muse Contact Form Widget Demo »
Muse Contact Widget Demo »
Widgets: Pricing Tables
Pricing Table Demo »
Smart Flat Pricing Table Demo »
Clean Comparison Tables Demo »
Muse Pricing Tables Demo »
Free Adobe Muse Pricing Table Demo »
Price Comparison Tables Demo »
Pricing Table Widget Demo »
Adobe Muse Pricing Table Demo »
Muse Clean Pricing Tables Demo »
Flat Pricing Tables Demo »
Flat Design Pricing Table Demo »
Stylish Pricing Table Demo »
Muse Widget Demo »
Price Table Template Demo »
Widgets: Gallery
Gallery Widget Muse Demo »
Muse Portfolio Widget Demo »
Muse Photo Gallery Widget Demo »
Muse Slider Widget Demo »
Gallery Slider Demo »
Slider Widget Demo »
Before After Slider Demo »
Clip-Path Animation Demo »
Tiled Slideshow Demo »
Hover Gradient Demo »
Animover Demo »
3D Image Hover Demo »
Image Hover Demo »
Image Filters Demo »
Zoom On Hover Demo »
Bouncing Border Demo »
Expanding Photo Stack Demo »
Smooth Zoom Demo »
Image Smooth Zoom Demo »
Image Overlay Effect v.1 Demo »
Image Overlay Effect v.2 Demo »
Image Overlay Effect v.3 Demo »
Widgets: Tabs & Teams
Tabbed Box Demo »
Team Page Demo »
Free Muse Team Page Demo »
Adobe Muse Tabs Demo »
Team Page Design Examples Demo »
Tabs Color Box Demo »
Classic Tabbed Box Widget Demo »
Team Page Widget Demo »
Free Adobe Muse Tabs Demo »
Clean Team Page Demo »
Adobe Muse Team Page Demo »
Meet Our Team Examples Demo »
Classic Adobe Muse Team Page Demo »
Modern Team Page Examples Demo »
Team Page Template Demo »
Muse Panel Demo »
Adobe Muse Tabbed Panel Widget Demo »
Muse Team Widget Demo »
Team Showcase Demo »
Easy Tabs Demo »
Widgets: Misc
Sellfy Standard Demo »
Muse Testimonials Widget Demo »
Muse Quotes Widget Demo »
Muse Testimonials Widget Demo »
Muse Review Example Demo »
Adobe Muse Testimonials Widget Demo »
Adobe Muse Review Design Demo »
Muse Review Widget Demo »
Muse Widget Free Demo »
Free Adobe Muse Widgets Demo »
Testimonials Widget Demo »
Muse Accordion Widget Demo »
Pattern Overlays Demo »
Skype Button Demo »
Video Background Demo »
Circle Countdown Demo »
3D Muse Icons Demo »
Multiple Top Borders Demo »
Hover Image Demo »
Gradient Shadow Demo »
Morphing Device Demo »
Adobe Muse Icons Demo »
Icon Buttons Effects Demo »
Scroll Micro Animation Demo »
Sexy Hamburger Demo »
Colored Bars Demo »

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395 widgets and themes (free & premium)

Adobe Muse Themes
Grome Demo »
Lino Demo »
Vuve Demo »
UI Design Demo »
Massa Demo »
Collex Business Theme Demo »
Adobe Muse Widgets Demo »
Musox Business Theme Demo »
Breda Demo »
Restaurant Template Demo »
Med Theme Demo »
Journey Demo »
Wedding Theme Demo »
Bistro Demo »
Child Care Demo »
Logistic Demo »
Insurance Demo »
Fitness Zone Demo »
Mobile App Demo »
PRO Design Demo »
Technor Demo »
Ultimate Business Demo »
Soul Demo »
Torte Demo »
Ortis Demo »
ArmoPro Demo »
PhotoStudio Demo »
Lucas Demo »
Amiro Store Demo »
Monter Demo »
EricaPro Demo »
Fusion Theme Demo »
OnePearl Theme Demo »
Widgets: Animations
Hovers Demo »
Floating Image Demo »
Interactive Particles Demo »
Muse Animation Widget v.4 Demo »
Shine Demo »
Scroll indicator Demo »
Info Drawers Demo »
Draw SVG v3 Demo »
Parallax Flipping Cards Demo »
400+ Animation Effects Demo »
Gradient Underline Animation Demo »
Loading Style Background Demo »
Widgets: Navigation
Spinning Menu Demo »
Circular Menu Demo »
Menu Animation Demo »
Fullscreen Navigation Demo »
Overlay Navigation v2 Demo »
Header Menu Demo »
Layer Navigation Demo »
Round Mask Menu Demo »
Blend-Mode Buttons Demo »
SVG Gooey Hover Menu Demo »
Vanilla Menu Demo »
Morphing Fullscreen Menu Demo »
Menu Pulse Demo »
Widgets: Buttons
Long Shadow Demo »
Animated Buttons Demo »
Micro Interaction Buttons Demo »
Menu Explode Demo »
Widgets: Snippets
8 Overlay Effects Demo »
Sliding Panels Demo »
Animated Cards Demo »
Widgets: Typography
3D Perspective Demo »
Skewed Title Demo »
Morphext Demo »
Widgets: Backgrounds
Colorful Balloons Demo »
Curved Cut Demo »
Waterpipe Demo »
Fractal Lines Demo »
Crossfade Demo »
Bezier Curve Trajectory Demo »
Widgets: Video
Video Extend Demo »
Video Sliders Demo »
Widgets: Gallery
Super Swiper Demo »
Before & After Demo »
3D Tilted Effect Demo »
3D Parallax Demo »
Smart Slider Demo »
Fadeshow Demo »
Fancy Page Transition Demo »
Widgets: Misc
Promo Popup Demo »
Statistics Demo »
Tooltips Demo »
Hint Demo »
Back To Top Demo »
Responsive Devices Demo »
Sticky Notification Demo »
Fake Loader Demo »
CSS Tooltips Demo »
Messenger Popup Demo »
Slide In Banner Demo »
Flipping Pricing Table Demo »

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