Access To Premium Templates

You get the opportunity to download all the Adobe Muse templates that we have on our website, without any restrictions, and the downloading process is very fast.

New Templates Every Month

Once you are a member you can access new themes and widgets which are offered on a monthly basis. Yes, we actually add new stuff all the time, so you can easily come back if you want more, new templates.

Premium Technical Support

You receive immediate, professional support, either via HelpDesk or Email, depending on your needs. No matter the issues, we will help you immediately.

Lock Your Rate Forever

Once you start with a specific rate, you will be able to lock it forever. All you have to do is to remain an active subscriber, as this is the only requirement.

Renewal Plan Discounts

We are offering you 15% discounts for the account renewals, and that offers gives you the ability to save money on your membership.

Access To Free Templates

You won’t have to share links, like posts or wait a few minutes for the downloads, instead the entire process will be immediate and it will take just a few seconds.

Unlimited Usage

No matter if you choose to cancel the membership, once you download a template you can use it forever. However, you will not be able to get the support, new files and updates should you choose to cancel.

Template Updates

We perform regular updates to most of our templates, so if you choose to access our membership your templates will be updated automatically.

Theme Design Request

As a member you will be able to request a website design template and maybe we can add your request in the list of upcoming templates.

Free templates

By becoming a member you can support our website and thus we will be able to create more free templates for the entire community!

Do you want to make the most out of your MuseFree experience? Then the best thing you can do is to become a Musefree club member, and here are 10 of the main benefits you receive with your membership.