We love Adobe Muse and want every member of the Musefree community to have access to a wide range of resources, this is why we have been offering both free and premium Adobe Muse themes and widgets since 2013.

We recognize the benefits of the Muse software and want to make sure that every member of our community is able to grow their skills and confidence using it.

At Musefree, sharing is caring!

Over the past 4 years, our reputation and portfolio has grown to mean that we are the top name in offering both free and premium templates for the Adobe Muse community and we are featured by Adobe as a trusted network, with an average of 2,000,000 downloads, from users in over 70 countries worldwide.
We regularly feature new and exclusive content created by our designers, which allows us to offer a wide range of themes to suit any need or project, and gives us confidence that any user – whether long-term or new to Musefree – will be able to find a theme or widget for their project.

Great Service, for Great People!

We try to include tutorials and guides with all widgets, which means that our users are never left in the dark or confused. With a range of support material, including the Musefree forum, we make sure that you find the content to suit your needs, including the skills to use it.
For those more experienced users, seeking even more themes and widgets, we offer a paid membership scheme, with additional support and access to a wider range of premium content, ensuring that serious Adobe Muse users can get even more out of the Musefree community.

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