While Adobe Muse is very good as a website builder, you do need to know that there are a few other options to be had here, and each one has its own set of benefits. In this article we are going to list the most important alternatives so you can have a better understanding of what’s offered by each one of them.


Squarespace is widely known for its multiple templates and the versatility as well as flexibility that you can get from using it. This tool is suitable for galleries, blogs and at the same time it does work for e-commerce sites as well which can be considered as a great addition in this regard. Squarespace also delivers great customisation options and it allows you to modify the look and content of any site as you desire, without any restrictions.


An interactive and interesting website builder, this tool comes with a ton of cool features and interesting possibilities. Many consider it as being one of the best website creation tools so you should check it out if you have a website building project. Weebly is not only very customizable, but thanks to the fact that you can create a website online, it makes the process a lot simpler. The time spent on creating a site is minimal once you choose this too, and in the end it definitely pays off.


Wix does require a little time to get used to, but the results that it can deliver are well worth your time. The interface is very good, it does feature quite a lot of great templates and the entire experience is more than interesting to say the least. Aside from the templates, Wix delivers an interesting user experience as well as a stellar documentation. It’s a refined product with lots of nifty features to offer so you should definitely give it a shot!


Hola is simple to use and it allows you to access quite a lot of solid features. It’s a simple product that does deliver a good set of benefits and the prices are good as well which is a major plus in this regard. The simplicity of Yola brings lots of advantages if you are one of those that doesn’t really like to use complicated website builders and the overall user experience is very good. It can be improved with more features and support for various industries/categories, but it still is well worth your time!

All these tools can be a great Adobe Muse alternative, but they do differ when it comes to interface, ease of use and price. You should try them all out, as well as Muse and then figure out which one is the best for you!