Great news for Muse lovers. Adobe Muse updated and a new version is released with cool features. Let’s dive into the main features now and see short video tutorials from Dani Beaumont who is the Principal Product Manager of Adobe Muse.

Plan Mode Vertical View

Plan view now includes a vertical layout option to see master and child pages.

Vertical Move Handle

The Vertical Move Handle is a new UI element that makes it much easier for you to select and move objects on pages with lots of content.

Tools Improvement (Ellipse, Image Frame)

Create ellipses and circles with the new ellipse tool, and explore the Image Frame container.

Collect Assets

Gathering up all a site’s assets to move a project elsewhere has never been easier.

In-Browser Editing Intro Video

Short on boarding help video, delivered on the IBE landing page.

In-Browser Editing for Site Owners

Explore the new In-Browser Editing interface for Site Owners.

In-Browser Editing for Site Designers

Explore the new In-Browser Editing interface for Site Designers.

Illustrator and SVG Improvements

Adobe Muse now supports placing native Illustrator files; various SVG improvements.

Scroll Effects with Responsive Design

Scroll effects now works with multiple fixed-breakpoint responsive pages.

Adobe Comp to Adobe Muse Workflow

Create quick mockups or wireframes in Adobe Comp and easily transfer them to Adobe Muse.