We are happy to share that Adobe is finally announced the feature that all Muse users always wanted, and that is responsive Adobe Muse! Yes, it is coming soon and you will be able to create responsive websites in Muse. That is obviously big news for those that have waited for so long to actually see this become a reality.

Of course, with MuseFree, you get the ease of use that you always wanted, combined with a very good, high quality and stellar experience that will allow you to stand in front of the competition and bring it to the next level. This means that we will create themes which fully support the new responsive feature that you can use in Muse. It’s simpler and better for you to design your own responsive website, all you have to do is to wait for Adobe to release the responsive feature and we will soon start to create templates that suit this feature.

Yes, with the new responsive Adobe Muse feature you can obtain complete control, all so that you can express the way you think and be creative in any way you want. This provides you with plenty of unique ideas that have to be taken into account, and all of those are created in a very interesting manner.

There is no need to deal with the restrictive adaptive layouts ever again, instead you are free to use your creativity and bring in front the best outcome as you see fit. There are virtually no restrictions when it comes to using this feature, and the best part about it is that the output will consist out of high fidelity websites that will look and browse the same on all devices, which is a major plus.

So, if you wanted responsive Muse, rest assured that this feature is coming soon and we will design responsive Adobe Muse themes, so don’t hesitate and peruse our website soon, you will love what’s in store for you!