Musefree is proud to offer high quality contributor content, including premium themes and widgets, to a loyal community of designers and Adobe Muse hobbyists. We are delighted to extend this platform and offer highly sought-after advertising spaces, with links, to put your products and brand in front of hundreds of professionals within your target market.

With an extensive community outreach, Musefree boasts a platform with a bounce rate of less than 35%, more than 900.000 pageviews, 90k visitors per month, an average session duration of 6 minutes per visitor and and visits more than 6 pages per visit.

Sponsored widgets are a great way to get your company name seen by our community – we offer the opportunity to display an advertisement, containing a minimum of 15 words, within the settings of a newly created widget of our choice, which users have to view in order to use the product. The widget will then be promoted across our website and social media profiles, reaching a loyal audience of thousands of professionals. A minimum order of 10 widgets is required and sponsorship is from $18 per widget.

Sponsored website templates get your company name associated with a high-quality product which is promoted across our website, social media, and for an additional cost of $50, can be featured in a newsletter which is posted directly to 15,000 web design professionals and hobbyists. Our community is vast and pays attention to the information and companies we promote, meaning that a sponsored website template is likely to boost your brand immensely. The sponsorship is from $290 per theme.

Our giveaway service takes the stress out of boosting your reach and growing your customer base. By letting us take care of the promotion and management of your giveaway, you allow yourself more time to focus on engaging your new followers and retaining your community. We use Rafflecopter for many giveaway management projects, but this is optional. The cost of each giveaway package is from $70.

We love showing our community how our friends, sponsors and contributors think and feel about Adobe Muse, web design and related topics. We are now proud to offer published featured blog space on Musefree, including free use of the author box to promote your work, company and website. The cost per published blog post is from $50.

We offer promotional banner advertising space on our website, guaranteeing that your brand will be seen by our expansive, loyal community. Contact us to discuss your individual sizing and placement requirements. Cost is based on individual requirements and agreement. Starting from $400 per month.

For further promotion and to ensure that your brand is seen by our loyal and trusting community, we offer a promotions page, where we display our contributor’s, sponsor’s and friend’s work, exclusive offers and promotions. Please contact us if you feel that your company’s promotion belongs on this page. The cost per published blog post is from $30 per month.

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If you are interested in sponsoring Musefree, please contact us at hello [at] and we will send you a media kit.

    Musefree reserve the right to accept, decline, or cancel any advertisement or sponsorship offered at any time. We reserve the right to refuse advertising that we know or believe to be misleading, fraudulent or illegal.