Recently, Google has announced that they will change the search algorithm so that they would provide much better results for the user base. Because of that, they focused mostly on one thing, the ability of a website to be mobile friendly, mainly because this is a deciding factor in today’s environment. Of course, this also affects the Muse created websites.

This particular change was made in order to improve the search results for the mobile devices. The desktop sites are not affected. Depending on your business, you might want to optimize for mobile anyway, because in the end many persons are using mobile phones to check the web.

Create Mobile Versions

Thankfully, Adobe Muse brings you a wonderful, very reliable solution that you can use in order to have a mobile friendly website. The main benefit that comes from Muse is that you can tailor your sites to be mobile friendly right from the software. Simply put, you will be able to create an alternate page that has been formatted for phone viewing, and if the visitors are coming to visit your site from a mobile device, they will be redirected specifically to that particular version that you already created.

Run the Google Mobile-Friendly Test

Another way to prepare your website for Google’s new rules while using Adobe Muse comes from running the Google Mobile-Friendly Test. These will show if your site is suitable for mobile use. Do try and run the test multiple times though, because there are indeed multiple errors that appear, and you do need to ensure none of these will appear. Try to make changes to your website and then continually run the tests, as this will show you if the site is optimized or not.

Check for errors with the Google Webmaster Tools

Of course, you also have to check the site with the Google Webmaster Tools and then see if there are any warnings or errors in regards to mobile use. Most of the time the errors will appear because the page wasn’t formatted the right way for viewing on mobile.

Tablets are not included

The important thing to note here is that tablets are not included in the new Google update, so at least for now you have to focus on mobile devices with smaller screens. Eventually they will be included though, so do try and optimize your Muse site with for a variety of screen types. Also, ensure that the pages load fast on mobile as well, because your website users do want that!

As you can see, Google focuses more and more on making things easier for mobile users. Do try and provide them with a great experience, because in the end what matters is to make the site pleasant, readable and informative.

Take all of our ideas into account and implement them when you create your new Adobe Muse project, because do remember that you might have some mobile users on your site as well, so you have to make their experience as impressive as possible!