I am happy to introduce a Muse Animation Widget from MuseFree.com. Add animation effects to any object on your web page and create amazing and eye-catching effects. Bring your website to life and impress your site visitors with cool effects. Animate everything you want, even each word in the sentence. The widget is very simple and use! Make your website more attractive with animation. By buying this widget, you support us to keep creating more free template for the large Muse community.


  • Working With Mouse Scrolling
  • Delay and Duration For Each Object
  • Working With Any Elements
  • Add Your Own Animation Effects in CSS
  • No Need to Define ID of the Object
  • Infinite Animation
  • 27 Amazing Animation Effects
  • Much Faster and Easier Then Parallax Effect
  • + more

How to use the widget

UPDATES: September 14, 2015

  • FIXED: Animate.css included in the widget. No need to upload into Muse any more.
  • ADDED: Tips how to use the widget in the settings of the widget
  • UPDATED: Video How to use the widget
  • FIXED: Minor bugs
  • ADDED: Show animation once or continually when scroll the page. By default animation shows once.
  • FIXED: When delay (d1, d3, d10…) option was used, objects were visible on the page before the animation starts. In this version objects are hidden.
  • ADDED: 7 new effects
  • FIXED: Minor bugs
  • ADDED: Documentation (.doc)


Buy $17.99

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