Today Adobe Muse team accounted a new update regarding the last of Muse support. Musefree will support it’s users and members no matter what. In addition, we are working on an amazing product and we will announce in the next couple of weeks. Please stay tuned!

Meanwhile please check the announcement of Muse team:

Adobe Muse Product Announcement: Update

A little more than two weeks have passed since we announced the end of feature development for Muse. We’ve listened to your feedback on a variety of channels in addition to speaking directly with a number of you. Closing down any product is never an easy business decision and we understand that this presents a challenge for many of our customers. While you look at alternative solutions for your business you’ve asked us for more time. As such, we have decided to extend the Muse technical support period for all active Creative Cloud customers from 15 months to 24 months, with the end of technical support now scheduled for March 26th, 2020.
During this time, we will continue to support you in maintaining your existing Muse web sites through our customer care forums and social channels. We know this is a difficult transition and are committed to help you succeed.
For further details, please see the Background and Frequently Asked Questions and Answers sections of the Adobe Muse Announcement page.

The Muse Team