Although hiring a web developer still remains a good solution when it comes to creating a professional website for your business or personal use, the reality is that with tools such as Weebly or Adobe Muse you can easily get the job done without too much hassle.

Both of the aforementioned applications come as a great alternative to the more complicated web development tools, and the best part about them is that they allow you to build your website from the ground up with the aid of templates. When it comes to choosing between Weebly and Adobe Muse, it can get a little tricky, because the choice you make depends on the website style and other features that you might want to implement into it.


Weebly has been created right from the start as an intuitive web building tool that offers a downloadable tool as well as a web interface. Weebly is a great platform if you want to create blogs or business websites which don’t require that many pages. This platform provides a very good interface that’s easy to use and intuitive. Other neat features include a multitude of templates suitable for multiple website categories, optimization for mobile, and the capability to add slideshow as well as gallery support. The major downside for Weebly is surely the support turnaround times which are rather long, more than 1 days most of the time. Still, this is a good choice if you want to build sites for personal use.

Adobe Muse

Adobe Muse is a professional tool for graphics designers but it also helps inexperienced users as well. The WYSIWYG approach works seamlessly and the interface is very easy to understand. All functions are added clearly and you can get a variety of Adobe Muse templates for the web which you can then implement and use into your project. It’s also important to know that the Adobe Muse tool interconnects with other software apps from Adobe, which makes it a great choice if you already use the suite for other purposes.

Even on its own, Adobe Muse definitely manages to stand out since it brings complete support for mobile, automatic optimization for SEO and it even lets you select the fonts you want to use. On top of that, Adobe Muse helps you create 3 different versions for each website or a single one, and it works great for all website types, be it e-commerce, blogs or business. The downside for Adobe Muse is that it doesn’t come with integrated templates (although you can get your own from MuseFree) , you need to find your own, and there is no option to add external links to the navigation. Aside from that though, Adobe Muse is one of the best and most intuitive website creation tools that you can find online, and you will like it for sure.

Adobe Muse or Weebly?

Making such a choice depends on what you use the website for and what features you need during development. Weebly is inclined towards a simpler experience without too many extra options, so it caters only to beginners, whereas Adobe Muse is suitable for a variety of website types, be it blogs, company sites or even e-commerce. All you have to do is to peruse the pros and cons displayed above and see which one fits with the requirements of your project, then make an informed decision based on that!

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