MuseFree always brings you the best and most exciting features that you want, and we have something special created specifically for our most loyal visitors. Starting this week, we will have a weekly lottery that will offer you free Adobe Muse premium templates, all so that you can receive the support for being our customers.

The way our MuseFree lottery will work is each week we will collect all the order IDs and based on those you will get a chance to become one of the winning customers. The more orders you make, the more chances you have, of course, but even with a single order you can easily win this provided that luck is on your side of course.

It doesn’t matter what price the order has, as long as you order something from us you will immediately be placed into the lottery. There are no restrictions, just the fun that comes from this cool, funny lottery that you can enjoy and you will surely love every moment from the entire experience.

Even if you won’t receive the free premium template for the first place, you can still win a discount if you get the 2nd or 3rd place, so there are more winners here, something that you will love quite a lot.

You can find all the MuseFree lottery winners, so you will immediately have the opportunity to see if you won or not for that specific week. Rest assured that a new order each week will automatically add you into the lottery for that specific week, and that is truly amazing!

Don’t hesitate and be a part of this new feature, win prizes and support us all so that you can get more astounding Adobe Muse templates, only on MuseFree!