At Musefree, we like to keep things fresh and up-to-date. That is why we have decided to give our whole site a make-over for 2017. As this is our fourth year providing free and premium Adobe Muse widgets and templates to a great community of Muse enthusiasts, we’ve decided to spruce things up a bit. We love to share, so we’ve decided to explain each new feature in more detail below.

There are six major areas which have been updated, so, let’s explore them!

New Content

This year, we are aiming to introduce more themes, widgets and templates than ever before. Increasing our range of free and premium products means that you will have a bigger choice and more opportunities to improve your Adobe Muse skills. This also means that, by accessing our range of products, you will be able to produce better quality projects and professionally finished pieces overall.

3$ Deals!

We have introduced the $3 Deals page, which features promotions and $3 products – that’s up to 60% off for most of our widgets and templates. However, you need to grab your favorites when you see them, because each product will only be available at the discounted rate for a limited amount of time!

Free Stuff!

The Giveaways page is also a new addition for 2017 – occasionally, lucky viewers will open this page to find a free product waiting for them. It’s not guaranteed and is entirely luck-based, but we urge you to check this page regularly – you can’t win if you don’t try – and the more often you check back, the more likely you are to be the lucky winner!

Widget & Theme Updates

We are in the process of updating our widgets and themes for optimum responsive Muse projects – this will include updating all the products available on our site and will provide a better, more professional and up-to-date service for all our members, whether free or premium. We look forward to seeing how you turn these reformed widgets and themes into great projects.

Video Tutorials

In 2017, we aim to have a video tutorial for every widget, which will explain how to use, optimize and customize each product to best fit your needs and purposes. These will be easy-to-understand and will be supported by our great community within the forum. This all-round support will mean that even the newest Adobe Muse user can benefit from Musefree’s custom and bespoke widgets, themes and templates.

We Are Hiring!

Throughout the new year, we will be welcoming interest from freelancers seeking to earn extra money by converting our ready snippets into MuCow files for us. The ready snippets will be provided by us, and the selected freelancers will simply have to convert them into MuCow files and send them back to us. We will be paying between $5 and $50 per conversion, so, if you have the skills and some spare time, why not earn some easy cash?

We are very excited by these changes and hope that by improving so many aspects of our site, we will help our community to grow their skills, improve the quality of their projects and strengthen the already great bonds we have with partners and community members. Here’s to a great 2017!