MuseFree has become a global experience and with that in mind we always want to make sure that more and more customers are obtaining the much-needed support that they always wanted. With that in mind, we have added a new feature that allows users to obtain customer support in Russian on VK. We know that many of our users are based on Russia and because of that we want to make sure that they obtain the best experience, especially when it comes to templates as that is a necessity in this regard.

Our customer support is very fast, but since we are based in the US there is a timezone difference so it’s a very good idea to wait a little bit before starting multiple support tickets, we always respond very fast to them so allow us at least 24 hours to address your issue, we will surely answer a lot faster than that!

Since we have a VK group, you can easily ask us there what you want solved, if you have template issues and so on. We know Russian very well so you can get close to native support for your purchase free of charge. This can help you quite a lot in the long run since it can deliver a great way to obtain immediate Russian support for all your current and upcoming purchases.

Don’t hesitate and try out this feature if you encounter an issue with any of the MuseFree purchases and you are from Russia, we will happily assist you with any problems that you might encounter!