MuseFree is a family were giving is one of the most significant values. We, unlike other business around us, believe in giving opportunities to those who cannot pay to have a chance to enjoy our work for free. Although giving can be difficult when it comes to digital products, we have put in the best of us to overcome all the challenges and to continue giving despite of the hardships. In this article, we introduce our work that takes place in the background to continue serving our communities. We explain how our both hands are involved in giving, and we hope to address some of the questions few of you have had regarding membership packages with MuseFree.
At MuseFree, we believe that like any other humanitarian effort, our giving as well must be consistent and sustainable. Therefore, we use our left hand to help us develop the means, while we use the right hand to give away FREE access to Muse templates. Our team takes pride in creating over 300 number of FREE widgets and themes to share with our communities. Although it seems like giving means giving away and standing by, the reality is different when it comes to giving away digital products. So you may wonder what exactly is different about our giving. There are three components to this challenge: education, ethical standards and quality control.

1. Education

Education and knowledge about Muse is necessary to be able to use our products. Therefore, with our FREE access we also provide a platform for discussion were our users feel free to ask any questions they may have about our Muse templates. This work is handled by our Q/A division which is a part of our giving right hand. Our team has been very effective in leaving no stone unturned in addressing the questions of our users.

2. Ethics

Just like we follow ethical standards in giving, we take upon the responsibility to teach our users to respect the policies of MuseFree in handling our products. This means we have dedicated members who are put in charge of educating and advising our users about the usage of Muse themes and widgets to avoid and ethical misconduct. Our team is prideful of their hard work to ensure that the team as well as our users are guided toward fair and ethical approach. They serve to make our policies clear by spending time to investigate each case and advise every client individually.

3. Quality Control

Quality has been our focus from the first day we started to offer our services. Although we work with numerous users and provide wide spectrum of services, we also work to maintain the quality of the Adobe Muse templates that we produce. Due to the increased demand we have increased the number of qualified team members who are committed to producing quality products with enthusiasm and positive attitude.
Now that you have an idea about what right hand does, we will introduce you to our left hand. As we mentioned earlier, we bear strong faith in sustainable giving; therefore, we need the left hand to produce the resources that it takes in order to be able to continue serving our communities. For that we offer premium packages where we use the talents of our dedicated team members to offer exclusive deals to our users. The proceeds from the memberships helps us to grow and develop our work for many to enjoy. In other words, our left hand is strictly involved to assist the right hand to give away FREE Muse templates which would otherwise be beyond the reach of our beloved community members.
We thank all of our users and supports, and we hope that together we can make a positive difference in this world.