One of the major challenges that website owners as well as developers face is creating a website fast and with great results. While the old-fashioned way to create a website is very good, it’s often slow and it prolongs the website development process and ups the costs. This is why using a visual web design editor comes as recommended, and in this regard Adobe Muse is definitely the best tool out there that can help you transpose your ideas into a fully-fledged websites a lot faster and with great results.

Adobe Muse stands out as being the best tool that allows you to create standard websites without even having to write a single line of code. Instead, the emphasis is on creating a barebones website which can then be customized by the graphics designers. But Adobe Muse also comes with a variety of other benefits as well. You can grab Muse from So what is Adobe Muse?

Mobile website development

One of the features that makes Adobe Muse stand out is the fact that it creates responsive websites that bring a similar experience on both desktop and mobile platforms. You can also use Adobe Muse to design different versions for each one of the platforms if needed. Moreover, you can add touch support, widgets, maps as well as a variety of unique tools.


Since it’s a visual web design tool at its core, Adobe Muse also comes with a large set of effects that you can implement in any way you want. From scroll effects to movement effects, opacity and so on, there are a variety of changes that you can make in order to enrich the user experience and improve it as you see fit.

Edit pages inside your browser

This is by far one of the major features for the non-programmers. Being able to edit live sites from inside your browser and updating them on the spot clearly helps you get the job done a lot faster, while also providing you with a real time insight when it comes to the current looks and state of the website.

Creative Cloud support and add-ons

Adobe Muse is included in the Creative Cloud suite, which means that it interconnects with other tools for professionals created by Adobe. The software is automatically updated, you get a library with all of your sites and you can also access a wide range of wireframes, elements and effects which you can implement in your project at any given time.

With the help of professional fonts, complete tutorials and interaction with the other Adobe applications, Adobe Muse surely manages to provide you with a great web design experience. On you will be able to find a variety of themes and widgets specifically created for Adobe Muse that will allow you to enrich your web design experience and create professional websites even on a budget.